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Miss Goody-Two-Shoes


During a certain phase of my life, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes would come visit me frequently—we were great friends.

It was usually during a strong message or when I was reading a passage in the Bible.

She would sit next to me during the service and whisper, “Do you see? So-and-so should be here to hear that… Hmm, this word fits so-and-so like a glove… Take a look at her and see if she’s paying attention, because this is exactly what she needs to hear…”

And whenever I was reading my Bible, she would say, “WOW, look at that verse! It’s perfect for so-and-so. She needs to read that!”

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Our day!!!


Dear readers,

This week is such a special week and this is because we will be celebrating the Universal Day for Women.

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It’s for you…

My dear,

I would love to be by your side at this moment so we could speak during these difficult moments…

I understand that you don’t feel like speaking with anyone about these things right now and I know it’s not easy.

You are facing many problems—in your marriage, your finances, your self-esteem is low, family problems, arguments all around you when you least expect them, but this is not your biggest problem…

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Prepare before you begin!


One of the best ways for us to overcome procrastination and get more things done faster is for us to have everything we need at hand before we begin.

How about clearing off your desk or workspace, and decluttering your kitchen or bedroom (or the entire house) to begin with?

Here are some ideas for…
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Joseph’s life

There are things that happen in life and we just can’t explain or reason. Joseph’s passing is one of those things. I woke up this morning and saw his picture on instagram… Lord why?? Well, wrong question! That was His answer. The “whys” in life will not take us anywhere, but faith will. My faith
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Universal Day for Women – Tania Gomes

Hello everyone, and we are here today sharing another special video with an interesting story of life. My friend Tania tells us how her insecurities towards her appearance used to make her want to run away from the mirror and lose the desire to take of herself. And not only that, but also made her
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Universal Day for Women – Flávia Barcelos

Hello darlings, here we are again with one more special video in preparation for the Universal Day for Women. Let’s share this unique event when men will learn to value women and women will learn to value themselves . You, that are watching me now, will be my guest on the 19th of April at the
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Universal Day for Women – Flavia Borges

Hi Girls, in today’s video you will get to know my friend Flavia. She had a bad car accident when she was a child which brought her serious problems physically and emotionally. Darlings, check it out, and take the opportunity to share and make comments saying how this series of videos has been helping you
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Universal Day for Women – Raquel Ouverney

Do you think that all men are the same? In today’s video Raquel tells us how her childhood’s experience affected the way that she used to see men, including her husband.    

Universal Day for Women – Alynne Lima

Have you ever had or been through something in your childhood that triggered an insecurity, which has been there for a quite long time? In this video, Alynne tells us how this used to affect her life. On the 19th of April, we will be broaching this subject, to help us overcome and conquer our
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