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      To forget is never easy. However, forgiving is essential so your life may move forward. I lost count of how many people come to us as victims of some sort of betrayal. Some do say that they want to carry on in that relat...
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    Cleaning the bathroom

    Hi everyone. Last week, we talked about organising the bathroom. Today I will share my tips on keeping the bathroom clean. Let’s see, shall we? Cleaning After showering, take a minute to wipe down the tub and taps with a ...
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    She only had a few days of life left…

    I received this message from a friend and would like to share! I hope this message helps you … Neide came home after a medical appointment and told the family: - I asked my doctor to tell me frankly what was my health con...
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    Are you ready to leave singleness behind?

    Fears, insecurities, immaturity, disappointments, independence and much more … If all this are taking up a huge space inside you, then you are not ready to leave the single life. In fact, you dont even realize you need it...
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 40-Day Challenge: Beautiful in God's eyes

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Today begins our 40-day challenge to be more beautiful in the eyes of our God. It will be a beautiful day, folks. Get ready, because it will be special.
 The 21-Day Fast of Daniel

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Hello, everyone. Today we started the 21-Day Fast. I will be posting a short video with inspirational messages and tips for you to make the most of this fast.
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