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    The pencil and you

    A boy was watching his grandmother write a letter. Suddenly, he asked, “Are you writing a story about something that happened to us? Is it a story about me?” His grandmother stopped writing the letter and said to h...
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    How to bear the pain of loss?

    Today, I have recorded a video where I’ll be sharing with you something that happened to me, that I’m sure will help all of you. If you have not yet gone through this, I believe, in the future, this will be helping ...
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    Baked lemon haddock

    Hi girls! As some of you already know, I love cooking. I’m no Jamie Oliver, but I can prepare nice meals, LOL. So today I’d like to share a very simple and quick recipe: baked lemon haddock. I prepared this dish th...
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    The big liar

    Before I converted, my life was one big lie. Lying was so easy to me that it seemed to be in my blood! I’d lie even when it was not necessary… Lies were always present - one lie here, another one there… ...
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 40-Day Challenge: Beautiful in God's eyes

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Today begins our 40-day challenge to be more beautiful in the eyes of our God. It will be a beautiful day, folks. Get ready, because it will be special.
 The 21-Day Fast of Daniel

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Hello, everyone. Today we started the 21-Day Fast. I will be posting a short video with inspirational messages and tips for you to make the most of this fast.
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