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    I feel sad and lonely. Can you help me?

    In today’s post, I’ll answer a question a reader has sent me. Dear Nanda, I would like to get something off my chest. There is a great fight going on inside of me. I’ve been in the church since I was little. I’ve ...
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    Whether you feel like it or not

    If you want to achieve high levels of performance and personal productivity, you need to learn to select your most important task, begin it, and then concentrate on it single-mindedly until it is complete. This means that, once...
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    Around the bonfire…

    One night, sitting around the bonfire, were an old Cherokee and his grandson. The wise man was trying to explain to the boy, in a simple and easy way, about the battle that goes on inside people. He said, “There is a b...
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    Developing a sense of urgency

    A high-performing woman is “action-oriented”. Highly productive people take the time to think, plan and set priorities. Then, they launch quickly and strongly towards their goals and objectives. They work steadily, smoothly...
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 40-Day Challenge: Beautiful in God's eyes

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Today begins our 40-day challenge to be more beautiful in the eyes of our God. It will be a beautiful day, folks. Get ready, because it will be special.
 The 21-Day Fast of Daniel

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Hello, everyone. Today we started the 21-Day Fast. I will be posting a short video with inspirational messages and tips for you to make the most of this fast.
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