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    Maximising our energy levels

    One of the most important requirements for being happy and productive is for you to guard and nurture your energy levels at all times. Our body is like a machine that uses food, water, and rest to generate energy that we then u...
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    Look to Jesus!

    It took me a while to understand the meaning of these words… When I started attending church, I used to look at people a lot—assistants, pastors, members and even the pastors’ wives. Despite knowing that nobody is perfect...

    Haste makes waste

    Dear friends and families of single ladies, today I would like to talk to you. I know that with all the love and affection that you have for them, there is that concern: When will it happen? When will she start dating? When wil...
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    How about you?

    Justin and Carly got married when they were both only 17 years old. They lived in harmony. They feared the Word and led a life that glorified the name of their God. Carly was always very careful about their health, and so she t...
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 40-Day Challenge: Beautiful in God's eyes

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Today begins our 40-day challenge to be more beautiful in the eyes of our God. It will be a beautiful day, folks. Get ready, because it will be special.
 The 21-Day Fast of Daniel

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Hello, everyone. Today we started the 21-Day Fast. I will be posting a short video with inspirational messages and tips for you to make the most of this fast.
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