40 Secrets

Posted June 2, 2014 by Kiran Kaur in Featured

In this Book Nanda Bezerra draws on her own experiences and offers valuable tips. The author says, these tips will transform you into a gracious woman. Many women who are suffering in a bad marriage today were well aware of the signs whilst dating but, unfortunately, chose to ignore them.

In the book, the author reveals secrets that will help you to avoid these mistakes and will also bring amazing results in all areas of your life. In my opinion, these tips should not be read all at once (if you are able to resist temptation), but one secret should be read a day in order to work on a different task each day. I believe that even before the 40 days are up, you will see the benefits. –

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    Hi! how can I buy this book in the USA?
    thanks! God bless! 🙂


    I have the book, surprisingly I bought the book the day I had to choose between going home and cry about the break up, go back and beg to reconnect again, or choose to be alone forever because I will never find a guy like him again. When I read the book I totally changed my attitude towards the situation. I took the challenge and I saw the results. The energy that I could have spent crying I used it to develop myself even more, work hard on what I needed to improve there was so much that needed my attention but because I was focusing on a guy I didn’t realise that I was actually losing it. I can say that there book really changed my mentally.

    Thank you and may God Bless even more

    Tameka Thomas

    Hi can i get this book in Jamaica


    Hello Miss Nanda, Im here to ask you if you can re-stock 40 Secrets of a Single woman in amazon. I would love to buy it and would you mind if you can put the payment of a Prepaid America Express. Please and Thank you.