How to bear the pain of loss?

Posted September 19, 2014 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

Today, I have recorded a video where I’ll be sharing with you something that happened to me, that I’m sure will help all of you. If you have not yet gone through this, I believe, in the future, this will be helping you.

I would really like to hear from you how this video helped you and about your experiences regarding this matter.

A kiss to all of you!

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Nanda Bezerra

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the author of "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" and the 40-day video challenge, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". She likes to write for single young women, which was one of the most difficult phases of her life. Her posts are aimed at our spiritual growth, teaching us to become better in a fun way.

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    Sibon Phiri

    I have not lost anyone close to me yet so I cannot even comprehend the pain of loss you described but one thing I took with me from the video is to be ready for this and to continue putting God first in my life because He will comfort me and help me to get through the tough times I will face.

    It’s in these moments we see who we really are and where our trust truly lies.

    Vanessa Glover

    Thank you again Mrs Nanda for sharing. I personally have never lost anyone whom I’ve loved so much like family I’ve lost friends but it doesn’t compare to a family member and I was able to cope with the loss and move on.

    From this message you’ve made it known to me that despite if I loose something I love which could be anything from a family member God will comfort me and I will be able to move on, and even more save souls through my coping. I had thought before what would I do if I lost so and so and I just imagined crying and then getting over it.

    The only way we can cope with such this is if we have the Holy Spirit and have a strong relationship with God. I will keep investing.

    Thank you again xx

    Bola UK

    Even if i haven’t been in a position like yours Ms Nanda, losing a family Member i can definitely say that the message spoke to me a lot. About the reliance on God and a dependence i need to have with him when i do go through hard time’s from facing trials to facing Deaths in families the Holy Spirit can not only help us face the problems and cope with it but it can give us strength to fight on and do what we were called do.

    Thanks for Sharing Ms Nanda it is inspirational ^_^

    Tola kadiri

    Thanks you Mrs Nanda for sharing your experiences with us. I can’t imagine the pain of losing someone so close to you but the Holy Sprit is the comforter who helped you through this hard moment. My parent are in their 70s and I know this can happen to me anytime so I just need to prepare myself and with the Holy Sprit by my side, I pray every for his strength when this happens


    Virginia Chuna

    Well said. I have had the experience of losing a loved one and yes it is a difficult moment, but thank God as you’ve said, the Holy Spirit is our comfort. For sure when you do make Him the number one in your life, He prepares you. When I lost my brother it was 3months after receiving His Spirit. Of course it hurts but I was armed to fight in this difficult time and had an assurance that he was in Gods hands. After all I trusted his life and my family members in the hands of God believing in what the Bible says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Acts 16:31. I believed and continue to believe in this promise.

    God bless you and thanks for sharing.


    Dear Mrs Nanda,
    Thank you for sharing this video with us. I am really touched what God has done for you though this difficult moment. It is important to put him first he will take care of all our problems even our bereavement. I sometime have this fear of losing someone close to me because I have an immigration which I am working on, I cannot leave this country because of that. I always pray for them on Sunday’s some time I go on Thursday for the family meeting and I will pray for God guidance and protection for them. I am happy when I speak to them on the phone. I thank God for giving you the strength and courage to go through the lost of your mum.


    Thanks for sharing your experience Mrs Nanda,

    I lost one of my uncles ealier this year and he happened to be one of those I got on so well. He was not sick, however he used to drink. It happened after he had finished eating his lunch, he walked out of the house, fell and got choked and because of the position he was in, he could not breath. His son saw him on the floor and did not bother to wake him up as he assumed he was drunk and was avoiding to be shouted at. It was only after some hours when his wife arrived home, tried to wake him up and found out that he was dead. I was sad when i heard the news because of his soul. I took the opportunity to talk to my family about salvation because we don’t know when death knocks.

    In times of loss, it’s only the Holy Spirit to help us as we cannot bear the pain on our own but this can only happen if we keep investing in our communion with God.

    Rosette Thomé

    Hi Nanda,
    Thanks for always teaching us through your experiences. This is really helpful. I know what it is to lose someone without the Holy Spirit. I lost my dad before coming to church, which led to many many bad things in my life. Thank God, He stopped that dark cycle the day my cousin invited me to church and I accepted to come. Then, I lost my grandma when I was already baptized with the Holy Spirit, and I could see the difference. Yes you do cry but it’s not the same despair, the fears. I was also criticized of being cold. The Holy Spirit is really everything and we need to stay focus, always looking to Jesus.
    God bless you!
    P.S: Waiting for the 40 Day Challenge season 2 :-p kkk… Huge hugs and kisses.

    Fay Blake

    Thank you Mrs Nanda for sharing this because for many people who give up when someone they love dies is sadly because they had not made God their priority. If they had they would not have become desperate and abandoned God when they needed Him the most. When my mum passed away I was very new to the faith (just a few months) but if it was not for the Spirit of God I really don’t know what would have happened to me. My mum was my world before I met Jesus and I remember the day even today the complete joy that I felt when God revealed His Son, the Lord Jesus to me. I had never experienced anything like it (accept for the baptism in the Holy Spirit). When my mum was diagnosed with cancer my thought was only for her to be saved. I remember when she was baptised and how I felt at peace knowing she would be with God. I really believe God planned it this way all along. Mrs Nanda I had not yet received the Holy Spirit but God sustained me through my month’s illness and when she fell asleep. Even today I am grateful for the way God helped me through such a painful time.


    Thank you Mrs Nanda for sharing your experience.
    I have lost 2 people who were very close to me and both deaths were very sudden. One (my friend) was in the presence of God the other(my aunty) was not. Both situations were very difficult but one much easier because I know he was saved. The other I had no idea. The Holy Spirit is a true comforter.Many times sadness would come over me but it never lasted because in that moment of sadness I felt the peace and comfort that only the Holy Spirit can bring. I watched my family look and act completely lost. They wondered why I was so “hard”. In that moment the Holy Spirit used me to talk to them about salvation.It was a bit out of my comfort zone and the norm in my culture for someone to talk about salvation during death but I saw this as the perfect opportunity. Many were very happy that I did. That was last year and I even brought magazines to the inviting those I know had Love life problems to the Love school.
    When I look back all I do is smile and Continually thank God for giving me such great Gift that helped me in such a difficult and painful time…

    Natercia Teles

    I lost my sister 6 months ago. After being diagnosed with many problems I invited her to come to church and she became firm she was there for 3 years, started do her vows, tithes, everything, she was growing spiritually. But when she didn’t get the answer she was looking for in the campaign of isreal she left, when she left her health started to deteriate more, she started to smoke, taking prescription MEDS that she shouldn’t take, in other words she was worse than what she was before coming to church.
    She was young only 38 years old, she had many difficult issues, one being that she had a handicap daughter, so it wasn’t enough to try to take care of herself she had to physically take care of my neice. I always prayed for her, fasted, did campaigns for her, everything I could do I did, but to my family, being that I was her only sister, they felt I never did enough, no matter how much I explained , my family never understood.
    When she died, I pretty much made all the arrangement, funeral, flowers, down to the hair stylist for my sister, I was stronger and I was trying to stay strong for everyone, I cried, but I did it alone because how would I be helpful and be my families strength if I showed that I was weak? So I prayed ALOT and I got my strength, and I would try to pass it to my family. But because my family didn’t understand my faith they were upset with me because I didn’t cry in front of them. But what good would I be if I wasn’t showing them the strength that God had put in me?
    6 months later, I still get the same accusation, ” you never cared about your only sister because you didn’t cry, you didn’t show your loss!” I pray for my family to be strong. I still think about my sister and yes I do cry but I moarn alone, I rather show my strength to help someone then show my weakness and hurt someone. My family has yet to learn about my God, my rock, my comforter.


    Em tempos de perda, é só o Espírito Santo para nos ajudar, já que não pode suportar a dor por conta própria, mas isso só pode acontecer se continuarmos a investir em nossa comunhão com Deus. Vou continuar ivestindo!

    Itumeleng Elsie Mhlabe

    Thank you Mrs Nanda for sharing with us. A lost of our love ones is not something that you can just get over it easier, is a pain that is hard to deal with and it take time to heal, but I thank God because after meeting Him am able to deal with it,since I have realised that the same way God want us to save does who are lost is the only solution that will bring a light in my eyes that losing a soul is a most painful part that losing money or something that your loved the most material and is also an alert for us not to be concern about lost of flesh but to invest in our salvation before the owner come.

    mildred mendoza

    es feo perder alguen muy querido ati mas el Espiritu Santo te ayuda xq el es nuestro consolador !!! gracias sra x compartir su esperincias !!!

    Jahcinta UK

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I have lost many people close to me including my parents. But the death that hurt me most recently was the murder of my younger cousin. I truly thank the Lord Jesus that I was in His presence if not I would have gone mad!
    He gave me comfort, peace and most importantly made me value my salvation. we will all pass away one day that is something that is unavoidable but when that sad time comes of a passing of someone close the Holy Spirit is always there… Thank you Lord x


    That is why we really need the Holy Spirit. Hard moments do come for everyone but when we have the Holy Spirit, although you are in pain but you have the peace inside, the assurence and you are strong. Many people divert in their faith because when times like these come, they loose hope, become weak and fall. But those who put God as a priority, yes they feel the pain but still in faith and strong. The importance of having the Holy Spirit. This is very strong Mrs Nanda thank you for reviving me.

    Milania Diogo

    Hello Mrs Nanda

    Thank GOD for always using you as channel to get through many of us. Your are a true blessing. I always learn from you and I pray that GOD bless and uses me as HE does to you.
    Sorry for what happened to your mum. Your experience really has helped me. Not to long ago the doctor though that my beautiful sister could have cancer. To be honest if I did not know GOD, I would of been so emotional and giving to the pain. But instead of crying with my sister and making people feel pity for me as I used to do. I went to our GOD I cried to HIM. To my surprise HE gave me strength and power. I didn’t told no one my pain but GOD. To end my sister have no cancer, was a miss alarm. Thank GOD

    May GOD continues to Bless and Use you 🙂

    Camilla Montes Ferraz Gomes - RJ

    With this video, i could ser how wonderfull ouro God is!
    He makes you prepared for this time, and with this experience i can see the power of God in you Mrs Nanda!
    Thank you for everything, and God bless you!


    Good evening Mrs Fernanda. I remember when my grandmother died over 10 years ago and the pain I felt was so bad that I wanted to die too, so that I could join her, and I was only 12 years old at that time. Many years later when I came to church, I learnt how important the Holy Spirit is important not just to save us, but to strengthen us through hard times like this. So, back in 2012, I did whatever it took to make sure that I would meet God before the end of that year. It was hard, very hard, but it was worth it. Recently, no-one close to me has died yet, but I know that sooner or later this will happen. And when it does, for the sake of my soul, I want to be ready.

    Karla Alba

    May God continue to always bless you and use you . This is very strong because it shows us how important it is to have a communion with God because I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why you knew how to handle this situation . Only God would have gave your this much strength and capacity to move forward . Thank you Mrs . Nanda for sharing this will all of us 🙂



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