Universal Day for Women – Alynne Lima

Posted April 1, 2014 by Nanda Bezerra in Videos
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Have you ever had or been through something in your childhood that triggered an insecurity, which has been there for a quite long time? In this video, Alynne tells us how this used to affect her life.

On the 19th of April, we will be broaching this subject, to help us overcome and conquer our space.

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    Its sad that what we say we do not considered as important and someone we told something might be suffering until now but thanks God I learnt that in the church that it is important to watch what we say to others and we also must not allow other’s comments to influence our lives.

    Thanks Mrs.Alynne

    leanne Nolan

    I remember something like that happened to mw also, i can relate to how Mrs Alynne felt, its a hard feeling to overcome but us woman we care cable to overcome and i cant wait for the 19th to learn how 🙂

    Daniela Reis

    Bonjour, les très Jolies Femmes de Dieu! Vous êtes des véritables inspirations pour cette jeunesse! Gros Bisous from Mauritius! Ps: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing….. Every woman need to hear all this videos!!!