Challenge of Love

Our challenge begins, and I do not I know about you, but I am very excited!

For starters, I wanna say that it will not be easy, but the final result is going to be worth it!

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BOOK: 40 Secrets…

In “40 Secrets that all single women should know”, Nanda Bezerra seeks, jointly with the hints, approach, of casual form, experiences lived by her. Because they are “secrets” so important and varied the author suggests:  “In my opinion, the secrets should not be read at once (that if you manage to contain curiosity), but a secret daily, so that you can assimilate each matter and work on the contained daily task in each secret.  Being like this, I believe that even before the 40 days are over you already will begin to see the results.

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To become a Lovelier woman

The first fruits, my dears. We are going to initiate our challenge with something very important that will be the base of our challenge. If you will not do it well, then, is better to give up and not even start (Never! Never!)


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