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What kind of handbag do I use in this occasion?

What kind of handbag do I use in this occasion? Hi girls! Last week, we learned about a mix of bracelets. Today, I’ll give you some tips about handbags. I encourage you to leave the basic ones aside for a while see that a lit...


Mixing up Bracelets

Mixing up Bracelets Hey girls, on our last post we talked about “maxi necklaces” and the difference they make on an outfit. Today, we are going to see what a “mix of bracelets” and earrings are also able to do! Mixing u...



Hello girls, today as you can see, we will talk about the importance of accessories. They are key fashion pieces; they enrich looks, they are style indicators, and they multiply your wardrobe!!! They update your look without yo...


Preventing tangled hair!

Hello everyone! We are back with more tips for those of you who like to pamper yourselves! In the last post we looked at what causes tangled hair. Today we will learn how to prevent this from happening, by following these steps:

What causes tangled hair?

What causes tangled hair?

        Hair that tangles frequently might have genetic causes. This is not very common, but there is actually something called the Netherton Syndrome that manifests itself in childhood. Other than the hered...

The Wedding Series: Bridesmaid dresses

Hi everyone, today will be the last of our series! I hope that you have all made a note of all of the tips so that you won’t make any mistakes.


The Wedding Series: Hairstyles

Hi my dears, today we are going to speak about something very important; how you will have your hair! I’m going to speak a little bit about my experience… I chose a very beautiful hairstyle, but I needed to use a lot of “...

Wedding Series: the dress and the bouquet

The Wedding Series: the dress and bouquet

    Hi everyone! We are back and today we will talk about the dress and bouquet. Well, first we are going to start with tips, and the first one will be ‘what to do before…’ I already spoke about 1 year, 10 month...


The Wedding Series: Romantic & Classic Décor

  Hi girls, how has your week been? Well, today we are going to talk about romantic and classic décor. I’m sure the photos will give you many ideas, especially to those who haven’t made up their minds yet! Now...


The Wedding Series: Rustic & Vintage Décor

  Hello everyone. Today we will look into rustic and vintage wedding décor. I know many people prefer modern or classic decor, but I’ll talk about these styles in the coming weeks. I believe rustic and vintage décor is...