We’re back in Brazil!

Posted March 24, 2015 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

Friends, I know you’ll forgive me for my absence.

So many things have changed in my life in the last few weeks. After living abroad for 20 years, we’re back in Brazil to stay.

I’m a bit confused and trying to adapt to my own country, LOL!

We’ll focus on the love life. Love Therapy, here we go! It’ll be a great pleasure for us, for our people are beautiful, welcoming, and eager to be blessed in their love life. 🙂

Junior and I are very excited—I think I’ll need to take some vitamins, but I’ll get there.

Every Thursday, we’ll be at the Love Therapy at the Temple of Solomon!!! Honestly, it seems out of our league, but you know what? We may not have conditions, but the God who called us will give us the conditions we need, and you can be sure that we’ll break through!!!

I’ll keep you posted!

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Nanda Bezerra

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the author of "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" and the 40-day video challenge, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". She likes to write for single young women, which was one of the most difficult phases of her life. Her posts are aimed at our spiritual growth, teaching us to become better in a fun way.

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    Mrs nanda is sad but beautifully to see you go, I never got a chance to meet with you face to face. I would like to thank you, as God used you to help me by taking part of your 40 days challenge, which I’m always telling others to do. I’ve even started it again this time with a friend. May god countine to use you and your husband in a great way. keep going with your Straight to the point attitude I love it. Xx



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