I hate romantic movies!

Posted March 24, 2015 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

Everyone knows that one of the biggest enemies of single women is anxiety, right? 🙁

Another big enemy is called romantic idealisations.

From a very young age, we’re attracted to romantic stories that depict love in a completely wrong way! And when I say “young age”, I mean really young… Do you remember Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and many others? There is always a prince! Perfect, extremely handsome, romantic… We grow up watching this, listening to this and forming inside of us expectations within these parameters. We grow up and Hollywood overwhelms us with romantic movies, and there comes the perfect prince again! How can real men compete with these idealisations???

A young man of God approaches you, but as soon as you realise that he is not a “prince”, you dismiss him, without realising the jewel that is before you. Girls, looks are not everything, nor are these ideals we have since childhood real or truthful.

Love involves sacrifice, but they don’t mention it in romantic movies!

I was the type that would not miss a romantic movie, but after I realised the damage that it caused to my perception of what love truly is, I began to detest them! I had to react and shake off these wrong ideas. Nowadays, when I happen to watch a romance, I see it from a different perspective. It’s incredible… I find it boring! Before, I used to compare my husband to the “prince charming” in the movies, and he would always lose—how dumb of me! Today, things changed. He wins every time, and I win too. 🙂

Think about it, girls! Let’s wake up, because reality is much better than fantasy!

P.S. Give a chance to this young man who perhaps is not an Edward Cullen, but might be a man of God who will make you very happy! Giving him a chance doesn’t mean you’ll start a relationship; it means giving yourself a chance to get to know the person. 🙂

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Nanda Bezerra

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the author of "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" and the 40-day video challenge, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". She likes to write for single young women, which was one of the most difficult phases of her life. Her posts are aimed at our spiritual growth, teaching us to become better in a fun way.

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