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Posted March 11, 2015 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

There was a man who was born and spent his entire life on a tropical island, and just like his family he ended up working in the tourism industry.

He’d meet many tourists, but they didn’t like him much.

Maybe it was because he would always tell the travellers how much he hated the tropical weather.

He complained that it was always very hot, and that there were too many tourists on the island.

He couldn’t understand why they were so in love with the weather and the natural beauty of the island. After all, since he was born he’d been surrounded by what others described as a natural and breathtaking beauty.

One day he decided to travel to a place where it wasn’t always sunny.

He packed up and went to Russia.

During the first month he actually liked the fact that it was always cold and dark, but after a while, he didn’t like it anymore.

He didn’t like the hot weather on the island, and he didn’t like the cold weather in Russia.

So he thought to himself that there was surely a country where he could have some sun and also a little bit of cold…

He decided to move to Spain.

This time around, he started complaining about the fact that the weather was unpredictable.

“I never know if it’s going to rain or not. I cannot stand this unpredictable weather anymore”, he said.

Once again, he was unhappy, and so he decided to return to the island where the sun was shining all year long.

Once he got there, he returned to the same job and began to complain again about life.

Like this man, there are many people who are never happy.

No matter what you give them or how wonderful their life is, they will always complain about their situation.

That’s how they are and that’s how they are known by others.

They never solve a big problem because they simply don’t deal with their problems. They only complain about life and make other people’s life difficult.

Not only should you turn away from these people, but also make sure you don’t become one of them.

When God answers your prayers, be grateful and go on to conquer even greater things.

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Nanda Bezerra

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the author of "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" and the 40-day video challenge, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". She likes to write for single young women, which was one of the most difficult phases of her life. Her posts are aimed at our spiritual growth, teaching us to become better in a fun way.

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    A long time ago I was this type of person never happy and always complaining about this or that I belive it boils down to not being happy with your own self so you fine fault in everything around you and people. It’s so true we must be humble and thankful for what God does for us

    Meryl (Mauritius)

    Strong before I was like this ,I was in MAURITIUS and I said it’s too hot bla bla then move to uk for 2yrs it’s to cold lol den come back to MAURITIUS and finally réalisé the problems was me ,I need to solve my problem ,stop complain give thank to God whatever happens .. Becoz a Godly woman need to be different adapt in all situation .. I thank God So much dats he have show me my mistake what I need to change ,I know I have lots of things to change


    A long time ago I was this type of person, always complaining never happy. I believe its was because I wasn’t happy on the inside so would fine fault with everyone and everything. It’s true we must be thankful for what God does for us


    This is sooooo strong. God has been showing to me for the last few days that this complaining attitude is ugly. It doesn’t help anything in fact it pushes me away from people and can push me from God If I’m not careful. Every day God is showing this stronger and stronger to me.


    Yes Mrs Nanda. And sometimes we sacrifice so much for those people and they won’t give up 5 minutes for us, because they can never be grateful. This post is for me as-well as I need to ALWAYS remember the blessings God gave me.


    In this case the issue isn’t the weather or other outside factors. The biggest problem is the man and his inner being. So before complaining I should check myself. It’s very easy to blame everything under the sun.

    Jasreen Cargill

    I use to catch myself complaining about a situation I was in. Just moaning about as at that time it felt like that was all I could do. Till as you said I had to do what I had to do, fight for things to change, do something about. Only when I did that things changed.

    Audrey Brotherson

    Asst Nanda

    Thanks for this blog. Yes often we don’t realize how blessed we are until that thing or person is taken away from us.

    When I was a girl, I lived with my step-mother who was extremely meticulous in terms of domestic matters around the house. She expected perfection in all I did and would be quite harsh if she returned from work and dinner was un-prepared or unwashed dishes were in the sink. She scrupulously examined my cleaning and woe betide me it was not done to her standards. I was monitored and directed on how to prepare dishes for the family, I baked bread every Saturday and managed all the household chores.

    Today, I am older and oh how I thank God for her! I thank God for what she taught me which has helped me tremendously as an adult. I used many of the skills she taught me i.e cleaning, baking and keeping a fine house, to secure an income. She was a blessing and I wish she was alive today so I can reach to her and say, ‘Thank You’

    I have learnt not to grumble nor whinge when things don’t go the way I want them to go, but to thank God for them and look for the pearls in the perils.

    Stay Blessed

    Audrey Brotherson – WLD

    Mary Osofisan

    Thank for sharing this Mrs Nanda,

    It’s true that it is so easy to complain about things and become someone who is never satisfied. I’ve learnt to always be grateful, and think about the good things in my life, and remember where God has taken me from.


    This is true. Thank you for the message.


    Thank you I have seen that I complain a lot and I don’t conquer because of this but I remember when someone said to me ‘be part of the solution and not the problem’ this linked with this post. Now I understand how bad this behaviour can be to myself and those around me.


    i agree mrs Bezerra , we have to appreciate every single bit of blessing God give to us but not to be complaisant to conquer more.


    Thank You Ms Nanda, it is so true as before I would complain a lot as I was far from where I wanted to be, and since i stopped complaining and really investing and appreciating each situation and using it to my advantage, instead of complaining i started to take actions to see results.


    I used to get myself in situations that I knew I wouldn’t be happy with and then complain! It made no sense, but I learnt to be wise and confident in my decisions then I wont have to complain and even if things don’t work out I can stand firm and sort out what needs sorting out.


    This is so true a lot of people are not happy in any situcaitons as they rely on external things to bring them happiness I used to be like this thank God am not anymore

    Vitoria Santos

    Temos quee orar temos que cada dia mas pedir mas forças ao nosso Deus .

    Vitoria Santos

    Precisamis cada vez mas de Deus ns nossas vida .


    Nossa que lição..
    As vezes temos tudo que precisamos e mesmo assim reclamamos,
    Deus faz tudo certo no seu devido tempo, temos as vezes esperar sem reclamar. E agradecer a Ele pela nossa vida!


    E devemos agradecer a Deus todos os dias por tudo que ele faz em nossa vida.



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