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Posted July 31, 2014 by Sandra Gouvêa in Blog

Hi everyone. Last week, we talked about organising the bathroom. Today I will share my tips on keeping the bathroom clean. Let’s see, shall we?

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After showering, take a minute to wipe down the tub and taps with a soft cotton cloth to help remove soap scum and prevent mineral deposits. Pull the shower curtain closed when not in use, so water can’t sit in the folds. To discourage mildew growth in the bathroom, increase the amount of air circulation and light to decrease moisture.

Vinyl, synthetic, cotton, and hemp shower-curtain liners can generally be laundered in a washing machine using hot water and a mild laundry detergent. Air-dry the liners promptly. If you can’t machine-wash, scrub the liner by hand using a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach.


Scrub the tiles, toilet bowl and sink with bleach on a weekly basis. Use gloves to protect your hands.



Every month, give the pipes a good preventative cleaning to keep them clear of grease, oil, and hair clogs. Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain, followed by ½ cup white vinegar. The mixture will foam up. Let stand for a few minutes to dissolve fatty acids, then pour boiling water down the drain to wash out any clogs. Or you can use “Sink & Drain Unblocker”, which you can get for £1 at any pound store in the UK – and it’s better than Mr Muscle! 😉


Bleach is an effective alternative to commercial toilet-bowl cleaners. Add ¼ cup to the toilet bowl, let stand a few minutes, brush with a toilet brush, then flush. This will disinfect as well. To remove a hard-water ring from the inside the toilet, pour white vinegar into the bowl and let set for an hour. Scrub clean and flush.


Do you have any other tips on how to organise and keep the bathroom clean? Then, share them with us.

See you next week. 🙂

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