I fell in love with him… (Part 2)

Posted September 25, 2013 by Motlatsi Bernardino in Blog

When I sat down to reply to David’s e-mail, I was surprised with my answer. All I wanted was to date him. Yes, I wanted to kiss him, to go out with him, to walk down the street holding hands… Anyway, wanted to experience everything I had read in the novels when I was a little girl.

But what I wrote was completely different. I rejected the invitation to date him. I said I was of God and that I wanted to date someone who I would marry me, and that person had to have the same faith and the same goals as me. It had to be someone willing to do the Work of God on the Altar. Anyway, I said he was not the right person for me and that I did not want to date him. Everything I wrote must have been Greek to him. He just wanted to date, and there I was talking about the Altar and marriage, LOL!

My attitude surprised me. It was as if I were watching a movie, and it was someone else writing that e-mail. Of course, I was not unconscious. I knew everything that was happening. But up until that moment I did not know the power that I had inside of me to reject the will of my flesh. That strength did not come from me… that power did not come from me!

Every time I remember that episode, I remember it with joy. I was determined and focused on doing what was right. I had this determination because He lived in me. I was experiencing the action of His Spirit in me! He was guiding me, strengthening me, protecting me, and warning me of the dangers of making the wrong decision. For the first time I understood that I was not alone in the fight against hell. I had an Ally. God Himself was living in me and would help me in the fight against my flesh.

After I sent him that e-mail, David and I never spoke again. The feelings I had for him disappeared. And you know what? The Holy Spirit must have warned me earlier, so I wouldn’t fall in love with David. But I probably did not listen to Him, and this is why I fell in love with the wrong person. But thank God, He did not give up on me. Now, how about you? What’s your flesh telling you to do? To be crazy in love with the wrong guy? To take revenge on someone who hurt you? To keep grudges? There’s only one way to overcome your flesh, and it’s the baptism with the Holy Spirit! When He starts living inside of you, you become a “god”. You will reign over your flesh, and no longer be dominated. You’ll have power and self-control. Oh, what a day!

Maybe you’re doing everything to please God, but you have been depending on the strength of your arm. Sooner or later, you will end up failing. During these 21 days, we will have the opportunity to be baptised with the Holy Spirit, or be renewed by Him. There is nothing more important and more valuable than Him. Friend, do not miss this opportunity!

If you have ever been through a similar situation, where the Holy Spirit saved you, leave your comments and share your experience with us. Let’s celebrate and glorify Him!

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    estella arroyo

    LOL I had the same situation you did, but a little different story and I wasn’t baptism with his spirit, but it wasn’t easy saying no to someone you “like” I know god was guiding me to the right path, and thank u for this message it really help a lot ! I do really need to practice what u said as always to deny my flesh/heart. 😀


    Thanks for sharing, as I recently went through the same thing just a week ago, now reading this massage is like the Holy Spirit is giving me an assurance that I really I made a great choice by chossing to not follow the desires of flesh, but to prioritise my Faith was the best and thanks God for His Spirit I can’t imagene if I didn’t have His Spirit what would I be, because God Spirit is here to give us strength to sat no to what is against our Faith


    hi miss can you please post the part 1 of I fell in love with him? thanks


      Hi darling. The part 1, is the post called ” I fell in love with him.” It just there before the part 2. I hope I helped you. Kisses.


    Thank you for this message. It has helped a lot.