Smart Little Donkey!

Posted November 8, 2011 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

Thank you Raquel, for blessing my day by sharing such a beautiful message!

I decided to share it with you all…

“ A certain day, a donkey fell into a well and couldn’t get out.

The animal cried for hours, while its owner pondered what to do. Finally his owner made a cruel decision: since the donkey was so old and the well completely dry, it had to be buried somehow.

Therefore, there was no use in trying to get the animal out of the well.

He called his neighbors so they could help him to bury the donkey while it was still alive.

Each one of them grabbed a shovel and started shoveling sand into the well.

The donkey noticed what they were trying to do and started crying out even louder, but after a little while, the donkey seemed to become calmer.

The farmer who owned the donkey looked into the well surprised at what he was seeing.

Every time someone shoveled in the sand, the donkey would shake it off his back and use the sand to climb higher up.

After a while, everyone noticed that the donkey had reached the top of the well and climbed out of it.

Life will throw a lot of sand on you, especially if you are already inside a well.

Each one of our problems can be a step up that leads us higher in life.

We can climb out of the deepest wholes in life, if we only choose not to be defeated.

Let’s use the sand that people throw on us, so we may never sink in the pitfalls of life.”




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    what a smart little donkey!

    Florence A

    Never let all the dirt get on top of you you, shake it off and be on top of it, and you will get out of the hole in the end. Thanks Mrs Nanda!


    Wow this is very strong Mrs.Nanda, we have to see everything negative that comes to us as a stepping stone to getting higher and stronger. I believe this is why God allowed the devil to throw problems at us, to take our faith up an extra level IF we overcome it and make our dependance on God even more.