The 21-Day Fast of Daniel

21-Day Fast: Day 12

“But I have been doing everything that is asked of me!” “My God, I deserve, I have been doing my part!” See today what God has to say about it. Your comments are very important, don’t forget to lea...

21-Day Fast

Why is the Holy Spirit so important?

When you first came to God, it was because you had problems that you needed solutions for. And as you allowed the Word of God to sink in, you realised that you needed a change. This is how I was. I thought I was fine but I real...

21-Day Fast: Day 11

Your comments are so important to me, so please leave your name and church where you are from with your comment… See you tomorrow!

21-Day Fast: Day 10

Today one of the most important messages! I know that I think all of them are so very special, but whem He guides is so amazing! May you be blessed by Him today.

21-Day Fast: Day 9

Here goes our video for today, very strong and I hope you will catch the message in a way that will change your life. See you tomorrow!

21-Day Fast: Day 8

Today I would like to hear from you. How was your week of fasting? Are these videos helping? Which one has helped you most? What is it that God showed you that is missing in you? Not leaving it aside, here goes the video for to...

21-Day Fast: Day 7

Today is very quick and to the point to clarify matters and make you think…  

21-Day Fast: Day 6

The message today will open your eyes to certain things happening around you… Don’t miss it and share it with your friends.

21-Day Fast: Day 4

Every day I have been searching so God may show what we need, and here is what He revealed today. May you be filled with His Spirit.