The big liar

Posted September 15, 2014 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

Before I converted, my life was one big lie.

Lying was so easy to me that it seemed to be in my blood!

I’d lie even when it was not necessary… Lies were always present – one lie here, another one there… It was so natural that I feel ashamed just by remembering it.

Only after I converted did I realise how unhealthy that habit was, and the worst thing is that I was not the only one…

Nowadays, lying is very common. Many people think, “Who doesn’t lie?!”

This is where true Christians are revealed and have an opportunity to make a difference.

There will always be situations where lying will seem to be the solution or the easy way out, and these are the moments that show who we truly are.

And you?

Who are you?

Are you one more liar in the crowd?

Now look at this verse. What a wonderful verse for us to delight in!

“Lying lips are extremely disgusting and hateful to the Lord, but they who deal faithfully are His delight.” (Proverbs 12:22)


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    Oh! I needed this!
    I had a horrible experience at work last year which would have been easily avoided if I chose to lie. Funnily enough, I was made to feel inexperienced and foolish for “trying to be honest”. All of the advice I got came from the seed of deceit, even from those who had been in the profession for 20 years. I remember being left in tears at a meeting regarding my performance where I told the blatant truth and fought hard not to hide behind excuses, at points I even started to wonder if this career was right for me as it seemed to be built on a practice of lies.

    However, the other day a colleague who is new to my workplace came and thanked me for being honest. They had no idea what I had gone through the year before or how difficult I found it. They then shared that the colleagues who had belittled me for my honestly had been deceitful about their performance meaning that it was having a negative knock on effect on others.

    This was not public, no one else knew that they came to speak to me. But it made all that I went through last year worth it. Why? Because I became an example of honesty and integrity to glorify God. It made my year! 🙂

    Stacey Matjeke

    Thank you, this is beautiful!
    It is true. The world has become so evil that there is a very thin line between peoples judgement of right and wrong.
    ‘She deserved it’
    ‘Just one little white lie’
    ‘Everybody else does it’
    These are just a few statements of what most say.
    We are here to provide flavour to a very bitter world.
    Even more so why we- I need to strengthen ourselves in the Holy Spirit so that we will be able to show His pure enduring love. It reminds me also why we should never get involved in these small matters of the world. Gossip, disagreements, etc. In our work places, among friends, familly, officials, etc we must be the example to show what is really right from wrong x and also think of the bigger picture. We do not “live for today” we live for salvation.
    Love Stacey

    May Mestidio

    Thank you for the reminder Mrs. Nanda.

    God bless… 🙂

    Fay Blake

    Mrs Nanda I was exactly the same. I would lie when I didn’t need to! But it was just to look good before others and that’s so common today. Who doesn’t lie is what people say all the time. Even Christians lie when it suits them. When I first came to the church I struggled with this because I found it very difficult to change what was a habit of a lifetime! But when true conversion comes it is the only way to be completely free. In the environment of work it is a constant battle because you’ve got to challenge colleagues and yourself to say I’m not going to lie. The good thing is the more you do it the easier your life becomes because your colleagues soon get the message!


    Thanks for sharing the beautiful verse.

    Lying ‘seems’ the easiest option but the price always comes later and it may be too late to rebuild a reputation. I see lying as a form of spiritual cancer, because once one lies, he or she tries to lie again in order to cover the other lie, and where does this all lead to? It’s not worth lying. I also use to lie before I got to know the truth, but I know better now. I personally prefer to be rebuked than to lie.

    mercy Charles

    I was faced with a difficulf situation weeks ago and the fight iny mind was war because k knew the consequence. I chose tl tell the truth and please God and He took md out of the situation lightly and i was at peace.


    This is something I struggle with. Definitely not something I am proud of though. This was something I knew I had to speak about in order to make me see it was my reality. Now as I am fighting for the Holy Spirit, I am seeing that that was something I have to be more watchful about. Lying would be so natural, it would scare me. Now, I don’t want to lie, so once I told the assistant who has taken me under her wing, I feel I wouldn’t say better about lying, but I feel better that I spoke it, its out there and now is the time to move on. I know that if I do lie, I need to fix my lie right way and tell the truth, no matter what the situation. I do not want to be like the world, I am here to glorify the God I serve.

    nabagereka safinah

    hello mrs nanda,its true lying these days is taken to be normal or an easiest way out of a difficult situation yet its one way of sinning. instead of offending our God lets make him proud of us by telling the truth always.

    mildred mendoza

    nosotros siempre tenemos que hablar con la verdad xq asii sea mentira chiquita es mentira simpre tenemos que ser sinceros antes cualquiera !!!!


    Thank you M.Nanda once again. This is powerful and made me think how important it is for me not to also hang on the lies the devil brings. When the Word of God says different so I shouldn’t give in to those lies because if I do I will be living in lies which God hates.


    elen de araujo

    I was lying before as well but when I heard that the father of lais is the devil I learned not to lay any more. Very good lesson Mrs nanda


    There are cases where lying seems to be the only way out, it is the only way out for children or the devil . If I am of God then His nature should flow naturally in me. Truth is one of them.

    Jahcinta UK

    I was the queen of lies back in the day, until today I believe its why I am good at drama lol. I would make up things all the time, I would even lie without thinking! Lying was the hardest thing to give up while converting but I knew it was a must because I wanted to be a child of God not a child of the father of lies!

    Cleopatra Mabvira

    Lying is considered the way out only by the children of the devil because its their nature, but if i am born of God and have his nature lying is never an option.

    Ntsikie Dyakopu

    I used to be among the crowd but I decided to change. The bible says lies are the devils language so it will never be a solution. Truth shall set us free. Thank you Mrs Nanda

    emmah( namibia)

    its true because I was like that also , I use to make lie my solution. cover up everything with lies. sometimes even to pleases people

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