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Posted April 8, 2014 by Nanda Bezerra in Family
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There are things that happen in life and we just can’t explain or reason.

Joseph’s passing is one of those things.

I woke up this morning and saw his picture on instagram… Lord why?? Well, wrong question! That was His answer.

The “whys” in life will not take us anywhere, but faith will.

My faith is that at this moment Joseph is with our Lord. He was a soldier and won the good fight, but we are still fighting it.

Some people have this idea that they will die old. Others think they won’t die and others don’t even think about it… The only assurance we have in this life, since we were born, is that one day, we will die. That is our final destination here in this world… But what about your soul???

Our soul will live forever! In heaven or hell.

Joseph’s soul lives in heaven. He won the best prize!

He will be missed dearly by all, but even in his passing I believe he will touch many! He will win souls!

Have you realised that?

Maybe you needed a wake up call! He was so young and full of life and dreams and yet always so dedicated to the work of God. He was careful to live God’s way.

Are you aware that you need to go after your salvation too?

Have you realised how fragile we are?

Maybe your life in this world and dreams is all you think about… May Joseph’s life and passing touch your soul and win it for God!

That’s what I call a warrior even in death!

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    Daisy Ajorgbor

    Thank you Mrs Fernanda

    Sandra Uguru

    Very true Mrs Nanda.

    Nicola Ashitey

    An example to us all

    zarete silva

    It’s amazing how many souls have and will be touched for the glory of God! His passing was not a bad experience but graceful testimony which honors our God.

    eva mbwana

    He has fought and won the race. amen

    Jane Chuna

    Yes Mrs Nanda, this is a wake up call to all of us. I believe Joseph is in eternal peace. Thank you for posting

    Ethnanda Manley-Browne

    Thank you Mrs Nanda … Definitely food-for-thought … God bless you


    Thanks for the insight. When I heard the news this morning my initial reaction was also like yours but quickly changed to one of almost envy, yes envy! as I realised that Joseph had made it; bypassing all the rubbish in this world that is yet to come. Of course I love my life dearly and want to remain here on earth for as long as necessary to continue to win souls for the Kingdom of heaven, and his sudden passing has definitely given me a wake up call to make the most of every opportunity to witness, as we don’t have an infinite amount of time to do it.



    When i heard the new last night my reaction was the same however as I saw this picture post on instagram I had a different understanding. He was smiling just as he is in this picture, he is having a ball because he made it. A true inspiration and wake up call to all.

    Serena Loderick

    Thank You Mrs Nanda,

    He was a Warrior indeed and won the race and got the best prize to be with Our Father in Heaven 🙂


    I am happy and sad for Joseph’s death at the same time. When I heard this yesterday I remember a verse from Isaiah 57: “The righteous pass away; the godly often die before their time. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come.” I believe, especially now that were in the last days, that Joseph is much better off where he is now than we are. How I would love to be as fortunate as he is now… a youth that can now enjoy eternity earlier than a lot of us…


    It’s true, to die we just have a condition “to be born” and nothing else.


    Thank you Mrs Nanda for your insight. This is indeed a wake up call and also puts into perspective what life is really all about! We are here not just to save our own soul but also those around us. Also when something like this happens we must always remember that God is in control and our job is to trust and obey Him.

    Jean Mukasa (UK)

    I did ask the same question as well but God knows why its true that this is a wake up call it could have been me meaning I have to be ready and sure i that I am saved daily. Joseph will be surely missed by all of us but he is so blessed. Thank you for sharing this message.

    Sami Kidane

    A great thought for us all, Thanx


    Indeed Mrs Nanda, he left a legacy. Our time here is limited and and we are having opportunity everyday to decide what kind of legacy to leave behind when our our time comes


    Thank you this was a wake up call

    Fay Blake

    Thank you Mrs Nanda. I was sharing this news with a colleague at work and telling her that he has obtained the greatest prize of all – his soul saved! It is a wake up call. We are only certain of one thing and that is death!

    Peniel Henry

    The is honestly so true, even through his death he is still saving souls
    .. that’s what I call a true warrior!

    Selena Amado

    Hello Mrs Nanda, when i heard the news at first i cried. Then i realised, he’s made it! Then i was full of joy. He truly has inspired me. 🙂


    Mrs Nanda,
    You are so right….this was exactly the wake up call that I needed. I realised how far I had allowed myself to get away from God and even in a different country at the moment I had to go down on my knees and ask God for the way that I treat my life so carelessly and not appreciate what He has given me. I asked myself – If I was the one to have died firstly where would I have gone and secondly what would people say about me. The worst thing is on both parts I saw how far I am from God and how much of a shame I am to call myself a christian.

    I finally made a vow to really stay in line. Thank God for giving this opportunity for me to get right with Him again. Joseph was an example to me and to many other youths – yes he died young but now he is in everlasting peace whilst we are here striving to be saved or remain saved. It is not easy but it will be worth it in the end.

    Praise God for opportunities!


    God ways are perfect….even in the saddest moments of our lives. May the Holy Spirit continue to give us the strength to be soul winners.

    Jestina Yohannes

    Amen. He fought a good fight now he is enjoying the rewards. May God help me to finish my race too.

    Thank you Mrs Nanda.


    today over 80 youths came to the church.. most had left VYG and didn’t want to come back.. they came back today and when the Pr called forward those who want to make a decision and give their life to God many did… even in death this solider saved many youths …. the party in heaven is even greater now…..

    Michael cox

    My brother my friend you will be missed but I know where you are with are lord it was your time UR number miss you old friend

    Hephzibah Oliver

    Miss Nanda
    yesterday. At first l was wondering why the VIPs and who has died so l scrolled down to read people’s comments about the person but it is only this morning when l clicked on your link that my jaw dropped open when l recognised the face.. l didn’t know him personally but I’ve seen him around.

    My  immediate thoughts were my God is faithful just and worthy to be praised. 

    Joseph is dead and now knows nothing. .We who are alive know we shall die so let us live our life to the full in Christ Jesus, sober vigilant and alert to finish our race on earth and then go home to glory. This is my aim.

    Charmaine Moore

    Very true Mrs Nanda; Joseph was a true warrior of God’s army. even in his passing he’s still leading souls to his Father. Surely is a wakeup call.