She Hated my Long Hair…

Posted January 8, 2012 by Nanda Bezerra in Blog

If you are young and think that it’s too early for you to take God seriously, just look at what Eunice, a pastor’s wife here in England, has to share with you…

I grew up very lonely and in spite of apparently having a beautiful family, within four walls only I knew how rejected and alone I felt.

My parents always tried to give me their best but due to the many problems that they
faced I was always stuck in second place.

My mother’s practically lived in the hospital with my sister and even when she wasn’t in the hospital she was either working or studying.

And so I grew up very rebellious. I never liked rules. I did what I wanted to do, for there was no one to watch over me.

I remember that I used to go to school alone and I was very scared of an older girl who hated me just because I had long hair hehehe.

One day she locked me in the restroom and said that there was a woman dressed in white in there. You know those legends told in school just to scare us? She was a meanie, wasn’t she? lol

I was a child and I believed everything. I cried a lot and I didn’t want to go to school anymore… Everyday became a nightmare.

In order to defend myself I began hanging out with people that brought me some assurance, you can just imagine who those people were, right?

I began to fight in school and make people fear me. I used to say cuss words, slang and I only didn’t do worse things because I began to seek God at fourteen years of age.

From that moment on my life changed completely. I didn’t even have to distance myself from my “friends” because they distanced themselves from me. They wanted to talk about things that no longer interested me, and so they began distancing themselves…

I began to make new friends that added to my life. Now they were friends like sisters because we had the same Father.

The Lord Jesus loved me, gave me love and brought discipline to my life.

In this way God made me a new person and with an immense desire to help those that live lost like I once did.

Another day I will tell you how I met my husband and how one day while we were datingI broke up with him out of revolt …

Till next time!


By Eunice Silve (Pastor’s wife in London)

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    That is a really beautiful story. I can understand why that older girl envied your long hair. It’s a WOW!!! Stay strong in the Faith!